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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why are there so few names listed in the Alphabetical section of the catalog?
A) We are just developing the alphabetical section. Eventually there will be hundreds of names available on the site. We try to add two or three names every week.

Q) I want to buy a name not in the catalog. What can I do?
A) Send an e-mail to dave@just4yucks.com and we will add the name you want to the catalog ASAP.

Q) How long does it take to add a requested name?
A) We can usually do it within 24 hours. But it can take several days, depending on the volume of new name requests.

Q) Can you add the names of companies or products to your catalog?
A) No. We cannot add any trademarked company or brand names to the catalog.

Q) Are there any other limitations to names that can be requested?
A) Yes. We will generally only add first names and names of places. (Country, state, province, or city names.)

Q) Do you offer any other colors or font styles?
A) No. We only offer designs in black text in the standard "go Fo It (tm)" font. The only exceptions are patriotic American designs, which may be offered in red and blue text.


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